Best Fashion designers in Bali

Whether you’re visiting Bali and want to take some of Balinese best fashion designs home with you or live in the capital and support homegrown talent, some of Britain’s most well-known fashion labels are here.

Some of the world’s best fashion designers hail from Bali, often studying at one of Bali’s top fashion designers. Naturally, Bali is also the place to find its boutiques and flagship stores.

Bali offers you a fabulous choice of Bali designers – whether you want to visit their flagship stores or see them all together in one of Bali’s department stores. Many of the designers below have studied or lived in Canggu, cementing its place as one of the world’s most creative cities.


Rimmba is a sustainable clothing line online on the home island of Bali. Rimmba means jungle or deep, virgin forest. Rimba is where storytellers take us to make us aware of the unknown and the unexplored.

You will find the wildness of being along with nature and a higher order. Rimmba sensory awareness expands to a full 360 degrees, and we can learn to tale each step with caution, inhale wonder and exhale faith.

Rimmba was founded by Karunia. To journey to Rimmba is to leave the known behind and discover an inner, intuitive knowledge.

Uprising Boutique

This small boutique fashion store, found in the Pererenan area near the beach, has chic-minimal designs for women. They describe their brand as ‘slow fashion vogue,’ with a conscious mindset to have their clothing line developed with ethical sustainability.

The pieces are categorized by color, with lots of neutral, black, and white for a sophisticated boho feel. They also have an extensive range of unique swimwear and underwear for women.

Uma And Leopold

Uma and Leopold have weaved the path of handcrafted pieces since its start in 2005. The collection features timeless and feminine designs and simple silhouettes paired with a modern craft twist.

Designed by model Lara Braga, who hailed initially from Rio de Janeiro and was born into a family of craftsmen and makers, she finds her earliest memories sitting on her father’s lap as he worked.

Uma and Leopold, as a label, symbolize “The Couple,” the “Ying and Yang”; an aesthetic and feeling of complete balance. You can find six Uma and Leopold stores across Bali.

Lulu Yasmine

Lulu Yasmine is a Bali-based, high-quality handmade clothing brand by the creative designer Luiza Chang. Using sophisticated organic fabrics and inspired by travel and ethnic arts with a touch of Parisian and bohemian lifestyle, Lulu Yasmine blends classic and feminine styles for free-spirited and elegant women.

You’ll find a huge range of long, flowy dresses made with light and comfortable fabrics. Check out their stunning new arrival collection online here.


The brand was set up in Bali in 1998 by two Italian sisters who decided that the island lifestyle suited them much more than any other. Puravida produces, dyes and prints all its clothes and fabrics in Indonesia and embellishes them with a wide selection of sequins, beads, and beautiful embroidery.

The main fabrics used for the collections are light fabrics such as cotton voile, thin jerseys, and other kinds of cotton.